Co-founders Analyst PRIME FUND
Specializations: M&A, Corporate finance, Process management

Petra works as an analyst and is responsible for supporting strategic acquisitions, controlling, analysis processing, and process management of the fund.

Before coming to PRIME FUND, she worked in Raiffeisenbank a.s. in the Corporate Finance Department, where she was responsible for securities process management, management of bank contact services for foreign fund structures, and processes related to M&A transactions. Petra’s M&A experience was primarily focused on transactions from the SME segment in the Czech and Slovak Republics. In cooperation with other team members, she implemented complex processes for the issuing and administration of corporate and bank bonds in direct communication with the Czech National Bank, the Prague Stock Exchange, and the Central Securities Depository.

Petra had previously gained experience in the consultancy TPA Czech Republic, the investment bank Roklen, and the German development company Trockland. Management. She is a graduate of the Finance and Business Valuation program at the Prague University of Economics and Business.

Petra Kubů
Petra Kubů - Analytička zakladatele PRIME FUND