Specializations: Investment, Relations, Fundraising

Lubomír is a member of the investment committee of the sub-fund Tech & Innovations and is responsible for internal and external relations and securing financial resources.

Lubomír has been involved in the fields of business and investment since 1990. He was part of the founding and management of several organizations in various industries, such as the food industry, technology development, as well as in the clothing industry, telecommunications, IT, gastronomy, publishing, and marketing. He also spent three years working in Moscow. In 2001, he founded the ERBIA BUSINESS CLUB, which is still in operation today and has allowed him to gain many business and personal contacts from a number of entrepreneurs, top managers, sportsmen, artists, and politicians. Thanks to these contacts, as well as his extensive experience, Lubomír is firmly in charge of taking care of business and investment partners and securing financial resources within the fund. His experience in the fields of investment and corporate governance has also proved invaluable to the fund.

Lubomír Oravec
Lubomir Oravec - Partner PRIME FUND