Co-founder PRIME FUND
Specializations: financial markets, corporate banking and risk management

Jozef is a co-founder and executive partner at PRIME FUND.  With thirty years of banking experience, he helps PRIME FUND approach new partners from established organizations and evaluate the risk of new projects.

He started his banking career in 1991 in Bank Austria Creditanstalt, where he helped build corporate banking in post-communist Czechoslovakia. In 2001, he launched his career in companies within the Austrian Erste Group. He served as the Director of the Corporate Program in Česká spořitelna until 2006, before moving on to the Ukrainian branch of Erste Bank as Deputy CEO. In 2009, he was promoted to CEO and tasked with dealing with the effects of the economic crisis.

In 2010, he became CEO of Slovenská sporiteľňa. Under his leadership, the bank’s earnings more than doubled. It was recognized by Deloitte as the most valuable Slovakian brand and rated to be the best Slovakian bank for three of the four years he spent there. Sí­kela received the Slovakian Banker of the Year award in 2013 and was among the top 5 for the Slovakian Manager of the Year in 2013.

Thanks to these results, he was promoted to the Board of Directors for the entire Erste Group, where he was in charge of Corporate Banking & Markets. He oversaw significant investments in the small and mid-sized company segment (SME) in countries where the group is active. During this time, he was involved in all of the large transactions in these regions, increasing profits from the commercial real estate sector and achieving the best results in the history of the C&M group. He left his role on the board after the change of the group’s general director in 2019 and worked as an external advisor until the end of 2020. In 2021, he joined PRIME FUND.

Jozef Síkela
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