Co-founder PRIME FUND
Specializations: IT technology, Media, Venture Capital, Finance

Jan is a member of the investment committee for the sub-fund Tech & Innovations. As the co-founder of PRIME FUND, he is in charge of their core strategy, fundraising, and building new business opportunities. His other specialization is supervising the fund’s core technology portfolio as well as supporting its growth, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Before coming to the fund, he primarily worked in the fields of technology and media. For the past few years as an investor, he has been involved with technological organizations and has significantly helped them succeed on an international level.

His career began in the field of marketing and IT development, after which he moved on to work for CSC (Computer Science Corporation), where he gained significant experience in the international space through implementing complex multinational IT solutions. Jan’s competencies in the field of media were initially cultivated in the second largest private television station in the Czech Republic, TV Prima, where he worked as Marketing Director.

The next logical step was Jan’s move to the public television station Czech Television to work as Business and Marketing Director. For the last 10 years, he has been successfully investing in primarily technological organizations. Additionlly addition, he has significant experience in seeking out and rating Venture Capital investment opportunities, as well as in investment portfolio management and direction.

Jan Svoboda
Jan Svoboda - Spoluzakladatel